Its not unusual to get a few calls every week from people that really want to buy land but are financially in no position to buy land. Every person that calls me interested in buying land or inquiring about a listed property will often get put through a series of questions starting with “how will you pay for the property” Obviously money is a huge barrier in a land real estate transaction, you go it, can get it or don’t have it. For those that don’t have it but want to get it I’ve put together 5 tips for owning that paradise out in the country so you can live the dream you want to.

Tighten UP!

The truth is today there are many many things to spend your money on and its every companies job to figure out how to get a little bit from you every month. When I was growing up I think mom and dad paid for electricity, landline phone, heating oil, mortgage and of course groceries and living expenses. Today when you walk into the average household there is all the same stuff plus Internet, cell phones, satellite TV or cable, alarm systems, Onstar subscriptions, not to mention a whole host of entertainment and restaurant choices that have popped up in the last 20 years, the prevalence of motorcycle, camper and boat ownership and memberships to exclusive clubs, groups, sports teams, private lessons and expensive coffee shops.

Sell something

A combination of saving and recouping money you have spent in the past can add up fast. The camper that hasn’t been used in 2 years probably isn’t that important to you anymore. It could be a motorcycle or boat, it could be boxes of stuff stored in the basement, or an old collection that no longer interests you, a different investment or a plethora of other things. More than likely you have a load of stuff that you can sell using Craigslist, a local auction house, Ebay or other places to recoup some of that cash you have tied up.

Part Time Work

I once had a client that was saving to buy a small farm of his own and he called me excited one day to update me on his progress. He wildly told me that he had saw an add at the local gas station for a farmer that needed help with his cattle operation for 3-4 due to a recent surgery, he called and got the job! He wanted to raise cattle on his farm and this was a perfect opportunity to make a little cash and learn more about cattle marketing at the same time, he stayed on and helped get the crops out that year as well. If you have spare time remember the saying “time is money” and you just may get an education at the same time.

Call a Banker and an Agent

Bringing sharp people on board with you will be key in realizing your dream, you’ll want someone pointing you down the right path before you get to far. This sense of direction also earns you a spot on their list when they have some juicy information such as a farm that needs sold quickly, interest rate reductions or price reductions or pocket listings. Your banker can also help you start working on your credit score to ensure you can get the best interest rate possible when the time comes. It pays to have a great relationship with your agent and banker. Trust me, even if you are not ready to buy we want to know who you are, what you are interested in doing, we may have an option that fits you right now and if you are not ready for a year or two we can be there to guide you on the right path. I’ll still have a family to feed when you are ready and able to buy a farm.

Learn, Learn, Learn

While you may be interested in owning land for just one thing, say hunting it will pay to understand farming as well. You may have tillable ground to rent out, you may decide to custom farm to maximize your return and put more money in your pocket or maybe you fancy owning a few beef cows to cut down on your own grocery bills and a few to sell. Maybe you want to improve your habitat, it would be good to know what trees you should sell, whats bringing the best money and who the most reputable timber buyers are.

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