Maratha Real EstateYour marriage may be new, but your first house may not be. This is a great time for you to find the perfect fixer-upper. You may not be concerned with proximity to schools, but you can definitely put some “sweat equity” into a property and add personal touches that turn the house into your home. I can help you find a starter home that fits your wants and needs, and even arrange for a professional home inspector to check the home for any concerns. Plus, starting your new life in an existing home can often times save you money.

Bun In The Oven

There’s a baby on the way. Baby. On the way. (Sometimes it helps to say it twice.) If it’s time for you to upgrade to a larger home, I can help. Together, we’ll determine your property needs, your budget and the ideal community for you. Secure neighborhood? Check. Perhaps a new construction? Check. A smooth transition from old home to new home? With me as your Realtor, that’s practically a guarantee.

Kids, Kids, Kids

Your life may revolve around soccer practice, but your home will always be your family’s foundation—make sure it still fits your needs. Go ahead, get the extra bedroom for toys and sleepovers. Get the bigger yard, as big as your children’s imagination. Move into the suburbs near the really good schools,  even if it means a longer commute to work. It’s for your family, and it’s worth it.

House Hunting With Kids

By educating and entertaining while we hunt for new homes, I make the home buying process fun for children. For boys, I’ve created a fun treasure hunt any pirate would envy, complete with a secret map in a bottle and plenty of pirate’s bounty. Girls get their own map to a secret garden, along with a pail, garden gloves and seeds for planting when they move into their new home. Both maps include real estate terms with simple definitions to help them understand the home buying process. At each home, kids will have tasks of their own, leaving the parents to thoroughly look through and evaluate the houses. I have even been known to hide treasures in a potential home.

Moving As A Family

Moving is a big deal, especially for kids. They may be concerned about losing friends, starting at a new school and being out of their comfort zone. To help curb fears, start your home buying process with a family meeting. When you get close to choosing a home, let kids choose their bedroom. Making kids a part of the process makes the move easier for everyone.

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